Yes, it could be small and not too pretty… But hey, it’s yours! :)

Shelter is one of human basic needs. Unfortunately, today’s economy doesn’t give much choice for people, especially who live and work in populous cities, to own a house. For that reason, renting house becomes popular option for cutting off the budget. However, I disagree with statement ‘better renting a big & luxurious house than only buying a small and ugly one.’ Buying house is wiser because by doing that we aim for a long-term plan; and it gives us more secure and satisfied feelings.

Admittedly only few people are in position to pay the full price of a house. Nevertheless, those who don’t have lots of money can buy house by obtaining a loan from a bank. The monthly sum we pay to the bank can be viewed as rent for a house. The best part is when we have paid back the loan over an extended period (maybe will take more than 10 years), we own the house!


Furthermore, buying a house brings safer and happier thoughts into our lives. Safer means secure feeling knowing that you don’t need to be afraid the landlord will evict you anytime he or she wants. Happier means satisfaction of having your own house (who doesn’t?) which can be altered anytime you wish and decorated in your own style. Though the place may small and the location is far, all those good feelings pay back at the end.

In conclusion, for me buying a house, instead of renting it, is the best option. I take that opinion because I don’t see renting house as a good option for long-term condition. Maybe it’s sufficient enough for a temporary period, or as long as the tenant remains single. Yet, as we grow older of course we should make a permanent life-style which at the very end will deliver the sense of comfort and security.


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